Month: August 2014

Mini Case Studies – Building Better Businesses

What DCT Mobile Solutions can do for you…


— The client: Global leader in manufacturing in conveying, palletizing, packaging, sorting and distribution technologies. Nearly 4,000 employees. Approximately $1 billion in annual revenue.

The problem: Needed to improve inventory management and supply chain visibility for job sites in remote areas with extreme environmental conditions and limited connectivity.

Solutions: DCT Mobile installed a Scout Mobility Suite warehouse management platform modified to use GPS technology for directed picking and put-away. Additionally, provided rugged mobile computers to survive extreme temperatures for field techs. Worked with client’s primary fabricator, installed systems for labeling, all finished goods and electronically transferring truck manifests to the job site.

Benefits: Reduced labor costs through increased visibility of shipments. Directed item selection. Eliminated inventory costs through improved tracking, equipment identification in the field. Streamlined operations for the client and it’s customers.


— The client: Global Fortune 500 company specializing in engineering design, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. Employees more than 4,000 people. Sales in excess of $2 billion annually.

The problem: Better tracking of stateside and international shipments, including a major installation in the Middle East.

Solutions: Implemented Scout Mobility Suite for warehouse, delivery and installation functions. Provided mobile access to detailed instructions for installation instructions, blueprints and user manuals.

Benefits: Reduced labor costs associated with inventory tracking. Identification for picking and putting away, systems installed for easily accessible tracking, improved efficiencies for field techs, and better visibility for customers.


 The client: Global chemical company. More than 100,000 employees, 300 production sites. Annual sales approaching $70 billion.

The problem: Better tracking of hazardous chemical waste byproducts. Improved systems for storing chemicals and tracking chain-of-custody to disposal experts. Meeting government regulations cost-effectively.

Solutions: Installed Scout inventory management, a Cloud-based system that works on its own or easily integrates with current systems, providing real-time, easily accessible and accurate data.

Benefits: Reduced costs of meeting government mandates, enhanced company’s mission of environmental protection and social responsibility, improved safety processes for environment and employees.


— The client: Global oilfield chemical company supplying chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry. Almost 7,000 employees. About $2 billion in annual sales.

The problem: Better tracking and inventory management of storage tanks used in operations throughout the world.

Solutions: Created closed-loop asset management system for tracking 6,000 storage tanks between operations in Western Africa and manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States. System allows data entry from Web Portal, Mobile Devices or Excel spreadsheet to allow access to the system to company employees and strategic business partners throughout the world.

Benefits: Reduced loss and improved utilization of the tank fleet resulting in increased bottom line earnings for the organization. Eliminated 3rd party logistics company and associated costs with outsourcing tracking the fleet.


It’s more than 8,400 miles from Goa, India to the Kansas City, Mo, but the 22 hours of flight time was endured by two of our off-shore teammates, Ivo Costa and Gaurav Borkar proved well worth it for our whole development team.

At DCT, we have employed an offshore team through Creative Capsule, a Kansas City based software development  company with offshore resources in India, since 2013.  We bring members of our offshore  team over from time to time to work with our local developers. This allows them to get to know each other personally, to understand what we do for our customers, to understand why we do develop software the way we do it, and to experience the culture of our business and what we’re all about.

Daily meetings with the team
Meetings with the team

During the three weeks they were with us Ivo and Gaurav worked with our local team to develop strategies to streamline on-shore/off-shore communications and more tightly integrate testing and deployment strategies between the two locations.

Costa, who was making his second trip to the U.S., said he enjoyed getting to know people in person he’d previously only met through Skype.

“It makes it a lot easier because you can end up understanding things much faster, and also you are able to communicate your thoughts faster,” he said. “Even though we have video calls, we cannot do the same work that we can achieve in person. It helps getting to know the other team members. That’s something you don’t experience on Skype.”

Ditto for Borkar on the advantages of the work trip.

“For me, it was the first time (coming to the U.S.), so I was excited,” he said. “I find it nice, good. The infrastructure here is very good. And, at DCT, I like the people working here. They are all friendly, nice, very helpful. I like to work for DCT.”

It wasn’t all work for Costa and Borkar while in Kansas City.

They went to numerous KC destinations and landmarks, and also took in a Kansas City Royals game — their first baseball game in person — and a Sporting Kansas City soccer game.

Sporting KC Soccer Game
Sporting KC Soccer Game

Sporting KC gameThey were particularly looking forward to the latter, considering Goa, India’s smallest state, is “futbol crazy” and soccer is the state sport.

“It’s kind of exciting for us,” Costa said. “This was the first time we’ll have seen a soccer game outside Goa.”

Overall, the two programmers said the U.S., and particularly Kansas City and the staffers at DCT, made their visit professionally and personally beneficial.

“They came up with plans to make our trip more enjoyable,” Costa said. “It’s all been good, and the city and DCT made us feel very comfortable.”

Kansas City Royals Game
Kansas City Royals Game


Small Scanner – Big Difference

Introducing the wireless Bluetooth CS4070 Companion Scanner from Motorola. This scanner empowers tablets, smart phones, laptops and other devices with enterprise-class scanning technology. The current challenge with most consumer devices is they can’t offer the highly accurate bar code scanning that most applications require. The best feature is the simplicity – connect  the CS4070 via Bluetooth to the tablet you’re already familiar with and scan away. It may look little, but it’s been tested for over 1 million scans and a 5 foot drop test.  Also, it’s compatible with iOS and Android. Check out the full specs for yourself – CS4070 Data Sheet.