Month: June 2015

Is Apple Really Ready for Enterprise?

CEO Tim Cook, Jobs’s successor, has embraced the enterprise market. During  Apple’s F1Q 2014 earnings call, Cook said:

“It’s clear that the enterprise area has huge potential, and we’re doing well from a percentage of companies that are using iPhone and iPad. It’s up to unbelievable numbers.”

To make his point, he cited the following figures:

  • iPhone is used by 97% of the Fortune 500 companies and 91% of the Global 500
  • iPad is used by 98% of the Fortune 500 and 93% of the Global 500
  • 90% of tablet activations in corporations are iPads

Here are five things that Apple has done to make it easier for enterprise IT to support, and even prefer their products.

On the other hand, others feel Apple might rule when it comes to consumers, but business customers have a different set of requirements.

Gavin Whatrup, group IT director at Creston stated, “If Apple want to be considered on equal terms in the enterprise space, they need to integrate. Beauty and branding alone will get you so far, but the next step has to be for the OSs and protocols to start playing nicely together.”

The jury is still out, but see how other CIOs responded when asked ‘Does Apple have all the elements in place to become a key technology supplier for business?’ in an article by ZDNet/TechRepublic