Month: August 2015

Part 3: Management, Support and Control

As Zebra’s series continues of Navigating The Mobile Device Mazepart 3 brings us to mobile device management (MDM), support and repair and lifecycle management.

Soti ScreenshotMDM enables organizations to monitor and manage mobile devices such smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers. When it comes to manageability and control of your companies mobile devices, at DCT we help manage that with SOTI. (see image above) SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, with over 15,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide.  SOTI’s flagship product, MobiControl, allows enterprises to enable, optimize and secure their mobile workforce across all platforms to support corporate-liable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Along with managing devices, support and repair play a large role. We have our own dedicated support staff that is happy to help with your device and we also work closely with our distributers to maintain a quick and easy repair system.

If maximizing productivity is important to your business, which how could it not be? Then lifecycle management is key. We want to help you upgrade your device if it’s holding you back because maybe it’s too old to upgrade the operating system, or no longer is able to play nice with the rest of the devices in your office (ask us about our trade-in program). We are happy to answer your questions honestly, and will advise if you will actually benefit from and upgrade or not.




Training, Security and Connectivity

Part 2 of Zebra Technology’s series: Navigating The Mobile Device Maze, Part 2: Training, Security and Connectivity describes the next steps in determining the best mobile solution for your business. The next 3 things to keep in mind while shopping for your best solution are: training and ease of use, security requirements, and connectivity options.

Few things more frustrating than after all the hard work, time and money of determining the best mobile solution(s) for your company than to get the device out of the box and not know how to use it. At DCT, we won’t let that happen. We offer demo products, pre go live testing, and instructional manuals, and our DCT Support team is here to help with any questions along the way. Our sales team can also make sure your security requirements are met – nobody wants confidential data compromised. We can also provide reliable connectivity options.

At DCT, we can help you navigate the maze!