Month: November 2016

Enhance Your Workforce With Honeywell’s Wearable Solution

As businesses strive for greater efficiency and accuracy in every warehouse application, wearable mobile computers are becoming a more popular option to further empower any workforce. Workers armed with wireless, hands-free mobile computers can achieve new levels of productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy.

The Honeywell Wearable Solution begins with your choice of our Dolphin 70e or 75e mobile computers. Then we add an 8620 ring scanner for high-performance scanning of linear and 2D barcodes, plus a comfortable watchband-style armband. All components are breakaway for safety and easily swappable for left- or right-hand operation.

Using the rugged enterprise class Dolphin 70e or Dolphin 75e mobile computer with purpose-built wearable accessories provides you with a new approach to enabling hands-free operations. The large display, flexible touchscreen keypads, and modern architecture allow you to easily deploy more user-friendly applications to quickly gain the productivity of hands-free operation.

The system supports corded or Bluetooth®-connected ring scanners and provides a rugged audio interface to Honeywell headsets. All standard Dolphin 70e and 75e computer accessories, such as charging cradles and four-bay battery chargers, are available.

For assistance finding the right mobile computer for your needs, contact DCT!

8620 Wearable Ring Scanner Data Sheet (PDF)
Wearable Solution for D70e Data Sheet (PDF)
Wearable Solution for D75e Data Sheet (PDF)

Introducing All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE)

Before: MC9190 (left) After: TC8000 (right)

Transform legacy “green screen” apps to next-generation all-touch HTML5 web apps for Android devices.

Your legacy “green screen” terminal emulation (TE) apps have served your business for years. But now, your workers expect your business apps to provide the same intuitive highly-graphical interfaces that their consumer apps offer. All-touch Terminal Emulation (TE), powered by Wavelink, allows you to easily convert all of your existing “green screen” TE apps into HTML5 intuitive all-touch apps that run on Zebra’s Android mobile computers, allowing you to drive time, errors and cost out of your everyday processes – without writing any code.


What if you could empower your workforce to get more done during a shift? Arming them with the latest mobile devices is certainly the right step. However, you must ensure that the mobile applications are equally up to the task.

  • Take advantage of a modern interface.
  • Automatically convert “green screens” to HTML5 without coding.
  • Increase accuracy and speed.
  • Session persistence protects worker productivity.
  • Convert functions to intuitive icons.
  • No host modifications required.


Before: Intermec CK71 (left) After: Honeywell 70e Wearable (right)

Convert your terminal emulation legacy apps into powerful, intuitive HTML5 apps to reduce keystrokes, improve process efficiency, and worker productivity in your enterprise. For more information, give us a call!