Month: December 2016

Tablet Options Can Be Overwhelming. We are here to help!

For the general public or traditional office applications, choosing a laptop or tablet computer is a pretty straight-forward affair. Choose your operating system: Apple iOS, Android, or Windows. Set your budget and compare devices based on technical specifications, available accessories, warranty, and ease of use. For an industrial or enterprise user, the decision becomes far more complicated.

While the steps mentioned above are a good starting point, enterprise users need to also consider cellular connectivity options, operating temperature range, drop specifications, resistance to water and dust, battery life, I/O ports, specialized add-on modules for barcode scanning, mag strip reading or RFID, and many others. The choices, options, variations, and prices are endless.

DCT Mobile Solutions is here to help! Contact us today and receive our comprehensive selection guide for tablet computers and our white paper, “Rugged Mobile Computers Explained”.

Zebra’s TC51/TC56 – Everything Your Workers Want. Everything Your Business Needs.

Don’t compromise device design for enterprise functionality — or enterprise functionality for device design. With a rugged industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular pocketable consumer-style smartphones, along with the Zebra-only enterprise-class features, power, security and manageability your business requires, TC51/TC56 is a touch computer that is truly in a class of its own.

  • The fastest, most dependable wireless connections inside and outside the four walls
  • Unmatched processing power to do it all with power efficiencies
  • Maximum display size with advanced technology for graphics-intensive intuitive applications
  • Ultimate scanning performance of 1D / 2D barcodes – even if they are damaged, dirty and poorly printed
  • 13MP camera for ultra-high resolution photos
  • Unsurpassed security with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx)
  • Mobility DNA, a suite of mobility enabling applications, development tools and utilities

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Xplore XSlate R12: Rugged Redefined. Mobility Without Compromise.

Think you need a desktop, laptop, and tablet to excel at the tasks you complete in the office, in-vehicle, and in the field? You don’t…anymore. You just need the highly mobile, extremely flexible and always resilient Xplore XSLATE R12 tablet PC. The transformational 2 in 1 device gives you all the high performance capabilities and complete computing functions you need in a single platform. You’ll have the right connectivity and ergonomics for a quick transition from the field to a full desktop computing experience – and the most conveniently stored Companion Keyboard on the market. It’s fast to deploy when you want a notebook, and even easier to store when you don’t. This makes the XSLATE R12 much more evolved than traditional detachable tablets, improving upon its own award-winning R12-series predecessor.

  • Best Outdoor-Viewable Display in its Class: 800 Nit View Anywhere™ Technology protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Pass-through antenna capability for WWAN, WLAN, and GPS in both tablet and Secure Mobile Dock
  • Highly secure “mobile office” via multi-factor authentication, including Smart Card/CAC (optional) and fingerprint reader
  • RJ-45 and RS232 True Serial Port Dongle Option
  • Magnetically-attached, Bluetooth™-connected Companion Keyboard can turn Your tablet into a laptop or desktop replacement, or stow and recharge when you’re on the go – all with a simple flip

Impress your workers with more power, more personalized data interactions, and more individual control over PC form factor and settings. See why this is the only rugged mobile computer that’s just the “right size” for all of your workers and all of the places they work. Contact us to learn more!


Xplore - XSLATE_R12_Spec_US