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ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers: Android in Transportation and Logistics

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers Comparison Chart

Zebra’s ZQ500 Series mobile printers are best-in-class and the industry’s most rugged mobile printers for applications outside of a business’s four walls. The premium 3″ (76mm) ZQ510™ and 4″ (102mm) ZQ520™ printers are Zebra’s next-generation of high-performance mobile printers optimized for high duty cycle receipt and medium duty cycle label printing. The printers’ patented military-grade design provides exceptional durability and reliability for mobile applications in the toughest environments.

Tough. Reliable. Powerful.

On-the-go productivity requires dependable solutions in every situation. The high-performing ZQ500 Series mobile printers stand up to the test every time regardless of the environment.

Competitive Attributes

  • Ruggedness, with MIL-STD 810g certification for drop, shock and vibration
  • 6.6′ / 2.0m drop (10′ / 3.05m with exoskeleton)
  • IP54 for protection against liquids and dust ingress (IP65 with exoskeleton)
  • Link-OS® enabled
  • Latest BT standards with Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy
  • Reliable connectivity – 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Speed of up to 5ips
  • Full accessory line, including a magnetic stripe reader

Optimized for on-demand receipt printing in transportation and logistics and government, the ZQ500 Series can also produce labels for a range of applications. These printers can withstand the drops, bangs, bumps, accidents and environmental extremes that are common in mobile workplaces — making them ideal for on-the-go employees whose productivity depends on maximum printer functionality.

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

With Zebra’s ZQ500 Series mobile printers, you gain the peace of mind knowing your mobile printers will not only withstand the elements, but also provide the power, connectivity and reliability your mobile employees need. Qualified by a third-party laboratory per MIL-STD 810g for drop and vibration test procedures, the ZQ500 Series printers feature a unique combination of an IP54-rated design for protection from dust ingress and water spray and engineering details — making these printers the most rugged mobile printers on the market.

In addition to offering easy setup, the printers are simple to manage and maintain with the Link-OS® environment, advanced Bluetooth® Smart Ready 4.0 (Low Energy) connectivity and Print Touch™ device pairing. ZQ500 printers are “Made for iPod® / iPhone® / iPad®” (MFi) and Wi-Fi Alliance certified to support connectivity to a range of Apple®, Android™ and Windows® Mobile devices. And, with best-in-class accessories that are compact and multi-purpose, the ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers can transform cars, trucks and vehicles into productive mobile offices.


TC75 Touch Computer: Android in Transportation and Logistics

Rugged and ready for the most demanding of outdoor environments, the award-winning TC75 features our most advanced scan engine with longer range data capture capability. Wi-Fi and 4G LTE keeps your people connected, the large touch screen works well with gloved hands and there’s a stylus for pin-sharp signatures.

The Challenge

Your field workforce needs a mobile computer to access the people and information required to maximize efficiency and better serve your customers. You want to give them an enterprise-class handheld built for life out in the field — yet your workers expect a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as their own consumer smartphone.

The Solution

Zebra TC75 Touch ComputerIntroducing the TC75 Touch Computer, the Android mobile computer that delivers it all. A rugged design that delivers reliable everyday operation. Anywhere anytime access to virtually any information in your back-end systems. The ability to capture more types of data faster than ever before. Instant push-to-talk communications with co-workers out in the field as well as supervisors, dispatch and more back in the office. Fast data access with support for all 4G GSM cellular networks. And a full complement of accessories meets the unique needs of virtually any mobile worker. The TC75 Touch Computer — the easy way to empower your field teams with a true mobile office.

Capture Practically Any Type of Information Faster Than Ever with World-Class Data Capture Technology Scanner
Zebra’s advanced imager (the SE4750) offers their proprietary PRZM Intelligent technology, a megapixel sensor and advanced optics to capture practically any 1D or 2D barcode faster and more reliably. The rear-facing camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photos, signatures, videos, and more, so workers can capture more types of business intelligence to streamline more business processes.

Rugged and Ready for Every Day Enterprise Use Outside the Four Walls
The TC75 Touch Computer delivers reliable operation, even after multiple 8ft./2.4m drops to concrete and 2,000 consecutive 3.2ft./1m tumbles. With IP67 sealing, the device is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water, making it ideal for use in the field. The Corning Gorilla Glass brings a new level of durability to two of the most vulnerable components on any handheld device – the touch panel and scanner exit window.

Industry Leading Dual-Mode Touch Panel
Users can choose their preferred data input pair: finger and gloved finger or finger and stylus – ideal for crisp signature capture. The intelligent 4.7 inch display automatically adjusts as needed, unlike competitive devices that require setting adjustments every time the user switches data input methods. And the capacitive touch screen works even when wet.

Superior Voice Capabilities and Audio Quality
Up to four times the loudness of popular smartphones and noise-cancelling technology provides crystal clear audio on both ends of every call. PTT Pro provides an instant connection to co-workers in the field, plus supervisors and other support staff back in the office.


TC56 Touch Computer: Android in Transportation and Logistics

Whether in the office or on the road, today’s workers want a device that is every bit as contemporary and easy to use as the smartphone they use every day with anywhere connectivity. Your business needs a rugged device that will last for years, with all the features you need to enable your workers to achieve peak productivity in the field and keep your data secure. Designed for the new business world, the TC56 industrial design looks and feels like the most popular pocketable consumer-style smartphones to meet worker expectations, along with the enterprise-class features, power, 4G/LTE cellular connectivity, security and manageability business requires. With unique Zebra-only features, the TC56 touch computer is truly in a class of its own. The TC56 touch computer — the next evolution in enterprise touch computing.

The Challenge

Workers outside the four walls are faced with more tasks and less time to get their jobs done RIGHT…requiring instant access to business critical applications and information to deliver the best possible service. But, your workers want a business device that is just as refined and easy to use as their personal smartphone. Yet, consumer devices fall short of the features your workers need — and your enterprise requires.

Where do consumer devices fall short in enterprise?

  • TCO  for consumer devices is 33% higher*
  • Inferior scanning solution impacts productivity
  • Scanning sled attachments impact ergonomics and durability
  • Typical consumer batteries are not replaceable and won’t last a full shift
  • Audio isn’t designed for the noisy enterprise environment
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) lacks granular control
  • Inconsistent regional support — lacks a global footprint
  • Lifecycle for consumer devices is typically just one year

The Solution

Zebra Technologies’ TC56 touch computer! While the TC56 touch computer resembles a smartphone, it is built to handle all-day everyday business use. The TC56 speeds up delivery processing with best in class scan times and a large touch screen that even works with wet or gloved hands. Long-life batteries can be swapped out for uninterrupted working. It supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE for in-the-field connectivity. And it withstands hard drops, knocks and the wettest weather conditions. Perfect for a fast-paced life on the road.

Active Edge™ Touch Zone for One-touch Access to the Features Your Workers Use the Most
Create unique dedicated keys on either side of the display for one-touch access to the most frequently used device features and applications, from the scanner, camera and line-of-business applications to telephony features such as push-to-talk and text messaging.

Maximum Display Size with Advanced Technology
The 5 in. display offers plenty of real estate for graphics-intensive intuitive applications. This capacitive touch panel gives your workers easy, familiar and flexible multitouch operation that works even when wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus. And with best-in-class outdoor readability, the screen is easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

The Ultimate Scanning Performance
With our advanced scanning technology, your workers get lightning fast capture of 1D and 2D barcodes, even if they are damaged, dirty and poorly printed — or displayed on a screen. An extraordinary working range plus a wide field of view increases application flexibility — workers can scan barcodes nearer and farther away. Omnidirectional scanning delivers true point and shoot — there is no need to ever align barcode and scanner.

Rugged and Ready for Business
While the TC56 look like a smartphone, your workers can drop it in water or onto concrete, use it in dusty areas and more — and still expect reliable operation. The unibody design provides
extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics. And the Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch- and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features.

PowerPrecision+ Battery for Bestin-class Power and Manageability
Your workers depend on their mobile devices nearly every minute of the workday. This user replaceable battery delivers up to an impressive 14 hours of power, ensuring that workers have plenty of power for the longest shift and devices are always available. And with Warm Swap mode, users can change the battery without losing connectivity — no reboot is required.

The Highest Quality Voice in its Class for Crystal Clear Voice Calls
Speakers that deliver four times the loudness of popular smartphones and noise-cancellation technology ensure that callers on both ends of every call can hear every word — regardless of the volume of background noise.


Zebra Technologies: Android in Logistics and Delivery Services

Zebra devices for Android provide enterprise-level mobile computing with a familiar consumer interface, strengthened with Mx Extensions for advanced security and Mobility DNA apps to customize functionality. Zebra offers the largest range of enterprise devices for Android to ensure your customers get just what they need to improve the speed and accuracy of their everyday operations.

Zebra Android Transport Delivery Logistics

The Challenge:


We live in a “need it now” consumer culture, where we expect next-day or even same-day delivery at a notified time with fully visible tracking. We expect to pay for this, but not a premium price. Just as we don’t expect to pay for returns.

Retail companies pass these expectations on to couriers, parcel delivery, and logistics companies, who in turn, need to lower their costs and increase their service levels to meet them.

The resulting pressure is apparent at peak times, including holidays and sale periods, when an influx of work puts employees, processes and devices to the full test. This includes the need for seasonal workers to be trained and working in a very short timescale.

The Solution:


Zebra for Android devices are built to help you tackle these issues. Android is the world’s most popular operating system and features an intuitive touch-screen interface common on most consumer phones, your workers take to it quickly – shortening the learning curve and getting them out in the field faster.

Built on Android with Zebra’s Mobility DNA development tools and applications, Zebra’s Android devices give you the enterprise-level security and industry functionality consumer devices simply can’t provide. For example, the SimulScan app simultaneously captures barcodes, text fields, phone numbers, images, signatures and even check boxes – quickly and accurately, at the tap of a button. Employees can carry out deliveries faster and fit more of them into their shift.

Other solutions allow you to proactively maintain your fleet, track driver and vehicle performance, and ensure compliance. Zebra for Android devices have been built specifically for this industry. They withstand knocks and drops, and continue working in the harshest of weather conditions, even when the rain’s hitting their screens – scanning documents, taking photos and transmitting signatures back to base.

Additionally, Asset Visibility Services (AVS) can detect when devices battery power is low, so you can switch devices to ensure deliveries still take place on time. And you can always rely on Zebra support services for technical advice and rapid repairs.

The World’s Most Comprehensive Range For Delivery And Logistics:

The TC56 speeds up delivery processing with best in class scan times and a large touch screen that even works with wet or gloved hands. Long-life batteries can be swapped out for uninterrupted working. It supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE for in-the-field connectivity. And it withstands hard drops, knocks and the wettest weather conditions. Perfect for a fast-paced life on the road.

Rugged and ready for the most demanding of outdoor environments, the award-winning TC75 features our most advanced scan engine with longer range data capture capability. Wi-Fi and 4G LTE keeps your people connected, the large touch screen works well with gloved hands and there’s a stylus for pin-sharp signatures.

The pocket-sized TC55 combines the aesthetic appeal and usability of a consumer smartphone with the rugged reliability and data capture capabilities of one of our most advanced devices. It’s build to withstand tumbles, drops and spills and carries on working when the screen is wet.

The MC67 is designed for life in the field, with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, a hi-res touch screen and sensory-feedback keyboard. It scans practically any barcode in any condition, captures whole documents in one snap, takes video to prove delivery or evidence issues and its louder-than-average phone makes it easy to call ahead with arrival windows.



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