Month: October 2017

Zebra ZT600 Series Printers: A Leap Forward in Industrial Thermal Printing

Advancing the legacy of their industry-leading Xi Series predecessors, the ZT610 and ZT620 combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business technology landscape. So, whether you’re concerned about growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating disparate systems or controlling investment costs, ZT600 Series Industrial Printers have you covered today – and for years to come.

Zebra’s industrial printers are well known for their durability, fast print speed, long life span and unparalleled reliability. The ZT610 and ZT620 build on that legacy, with the most advanced, comprehensive feature sets of any Zebra stationary printer series. To keep your critical operations running smoothly across a broad range of applications, ZT600 Series printers provide:

24/7 Reliability in the Harshest Environments
ZT600 Series printers are built to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions, virtually eliminating operational downtime due to printer failure. Plus, they meet your high-volume production needs, day in and day out, with superior print quality and speed across the widest range of applications.

Micro-Consistent Printing for Top-Quality Micro Labels
Featuring highly precise registration and print line adjustment, the ZT610 offers 600 dpi printing for labels as small as 3 mm for application like circuit boards, chips and miniature components – all without wasting expensive media due to improper printing.

User-Friendly Setup, Use, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Intuitive Link-OS® applications and user-friendly design features streamline everything from deployment to daily use to routine maintenance. Compatibility with other printing systems and technologies simplifies integration and management, while onboard sensors, diagnostics and help resources guide troubleshooting so users don’t have to call in support for every minor issue.

Highly Adaptable, Future-Ready Platforms
The last thing you need is a new piece of technology that will be obsolete in just a couple of years. That’s why the ZT600 Series was engineered with the future in mind – from an adaptable design that allows communications, media handling and other upgrades in the field, to compatibility with SOTI and AirWatch device management software, to intuitive Link-OS applicaitons that simplify updates and reconfiguration as needed.


Competitive Comparision
In the chart below, light blue shading indicates the best specification available for the applicable features.


WT6000 Wearable Computer: Android in Warehouse

Wearable computers give workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level. But your workers find today’s wearables uncomfortable — until now. Introducing the WT6000, the new Android wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wearability. It’s smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market. With the incredible new mounting system, the WT6000 fits comfortably on every worker, on any size arm. Integrated NFC allows workers to instantly tap-to-pair with Zebra’s Bluetooth ring scanner, Bluetooth
headset and Bluetooth printers at the start every shift, making it easy to deploy a complete hands-free speech-directed solution. And the industrial rugged design delivers maximum uptime in your most demanding environments.

The result?

Maximum comfort. Maximum durability. Maximum workforce productivity.

Compact Size — 27% Lighter and 36% Less Volume
Its breakthrough ergonomic design is smaller than prior generation Zebra wearable computers, bringing unprecedented comfort to industrial wearable computing.

Rugged and Ready for Your Toughest Environments
The WT6000 is dustproof, sprayproof, built to handle the subzero temperatures in the freezer, as well as 1,000 tumbles. And the new industry-best scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 touchscreen fortifies the most vulnerable part of any mobile computer — the display.

A Larger Display with Multi-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen
Workers get everything they need to maximize productivity — more space to display needed information; input is easy with gloves; it works even when wet; and offers pinch-to-zoom, swipe and all the other familiar behaviors on today’s Android devices.

Increase Worker Productivity by 15% with Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions
Zebra has everything you need to create a powerful hands-free picking solution that allows workers to pick more orders, more accurately, every day. Start by creating a Total Wearable Solution — just pair our RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner and our HS3100 Bluetooth headset to a WT6000 with a simple tap. Then, leverage the power of Zebra TekSpeech Pro 4 to quickly and easily create a next-generation multimodal speech-directed picking application that marries speech with all the data capture capabilities of the Total Wearable Solution. Now, your workers can hear and respond to voice prompts; view information on the WT6000 display; capture barcodes and photos with the ring scanner; print labels and more — all within a single workflow. The result? Workers can increase productivity by 15%, with 39% fewer errors than typical voice-only solutions.*

A Groundbreaking New Mounting System for Superior Comfort, Hygiene and Safety
We’ve replaced the standard velcro mount with a best-in-class closure system found in over 25 million products around the world. With microadjustability, your workers can get a perfect fit in seconds, customized to their arm — all with just the simple turn of a knob. Pressure points are eliminated and the arm mount stays locked in place, yet can be released in seconds. A new breathable, rubberized and vented silicone sleeve is comfortable, even on bare skin. And the non-absorbent material is easy to wipe down, making it easy to clean at the start and end of every shift.

Read more about Android in Warehousing here.

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TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer: Android in Warehouse

What makes the TC8000 so special?


It’s the ground-breaking all new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver revolutionary productivity increases in the warehouse. In fact, on average, it saves 14%* per worker versus traditional form factors – it’s like gaining an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day. And it’s the only device on the market that simplifies it all — how your workers physically use the device and interact with your warehouse application.

Superior Ergonomics for Superior Productivity and Worker Comfort
The new scan angle eliminates the constant tilting that traditional designs require to view the screen, increasing  productivity by 14% through a 55% reduction in wrist motion and a 15% reduction in muscle effort.

Rugged and Ready for Your Warehouse
The super-rugged design is built for the challenging warehouse environment. With our most extreme impact ratings, the TC8000 operates reliably, even after 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 8 ft./2.4 m drops to concrete. The TC8000 is sealed, ready to handle jetting water and dust. And the TC8000 is built to handle constant temperature swings between extreme heat and cold — ideal in outside yards.

Triple-shift Battery Power and Unsurpassed Battery Management
With the largest battery in its class, the TC8000 has ample power for three shifts. The PowerPrecision+ battery provides extensive battery metrics that make it easy to spot and retire aging batteries that can no longer hold a full charge. And the battery can be changed in seconds — without powering down.

Capture Multiple Barcodes and Entire Forms with a Single Scan with SimulScan
SimulScan makes it easy to capture labels on boxes and pallets that contain many barcodes, plus text fields, check boxes, signatures and more on printed forms.

An Industry First — Hands-free Proximity Scanning with a Handheld Device
The imager can be automatically triggered by the proximity sensor, whether the TC8000 is worn in the hip holster, on the shoulder strap or in the cart or desktop mount. Two modes are available — close-up scanning from near contact to 6 in./15 cm and from contact to 1.96 ft./60 cm.

Advanced Barcode Scanning Options
If you need long range 1D/2D scanning, handle all your scanning needs with the extended range SE4850. Capture barcodes from 3 in./7.62 cm to 70 ft./21.4 m away — up to 60% closer and 35% farther than the competition. And with an industry-leading field of view, wide 4 in./10.16 cm wide barcodes can be captured at just 7 in./17.78 cm — nearly one third of the distance of competitive devices. Our SE4750 SR and MR imager are ideal for standard and mid-range scanning. Both the SE4850 and SE4750 offer Zebra’s proprietary PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for unparalleled performance on just about any type of data imaginable. And our ‘tried and true’ 1D SE965 engine offers Adaptive Scanning technology that delivers the widest working range in its class. All options capture barcodes in practically any condition.

Zebra Technologies: Android in Warehousing

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, so the largest range of enterprise devices built for Android are familiar and intuitive to use right out of the box, reducing training time and improving efficiency. There’s also an extra layer of security, unique to Zebra’s device range, to make Android secure for the enterprise environment. In addition, there’s a whole suite of Mobility DNA applications built for warehouse use – to accelerate every aspect of the process, from goods in to ship out.

The Challenge:


Customer expectations are transforming warehouse operations. Speed is now more critical than ever. Inventory needs to turn around quickly as retailers and manufacturers try to keep up with our modern ‘need it now’ culture. Accuracy is also paramount. Nothing less than complete order accuracy with fully visible tracking will do, if you want to retain your customers and reputation. Of course, there will always be the traditional challenges, too. Peak times such as Black Friday and Christmas require seasonal workers who need to be trained up and on the job in very
short timescales.

Zebra for Android can help you tackle these issues simply, from day one. Firstly, because Android and other touch-screen operating systems dominate modern phones, your workers already know how to use its intuitive touch screen interface. Secondly, Zebra for Android includes the option of Mobility DNA All Touch Terminal Emulation, which converts your existing green screen applications into Android touch screen experiences, so workers at all levels can adopt them quickly.

This easy starting point opens the gates to improved efficiencies and turnaround times through some impressive innovations.

The Solution:


When it comes to utilizing Android, only Zebra Technologies can help you take full advantage, as they offer the largest choice of devices, the right level of security, and the most flexible level
of customization. For example, the same device can be used throughout all four stages of receiving, put away, picking and shipping. Different keyboards appear depending on context (e.g. numeric for picking) and larger buttons are displayed if the user wears gloves. Turnaround times are also reduced through new Mobility DNA apps such as SimulScan, which can capture an entire document and automatically populate your existing systems – quickly and accurately, in a single tap.

Zebra for Android devices have been fortified with extra security in the form of our own Mobility Extensions. They’re built to withstand knocks, drops, splashes and dust – to continue scanning barcodes in practically any condition, scanning documents, taking photos, and transmitting signatures back to the main database. And you can always rely on Zebra support services for technical advice and rapid repairs.


The World’s Most Complete Android Range for the Warehouse:

The MC3200 mobile computer is the next generation in the class-leading MC3000 Series, now with more options to meet your needs. Three lightweight models – brick, gun and turret – bring all day comfort to every task – from cycle counting to putaway, replenishment and voice-directed picking.

The MC9200 is the next generation in the MC9000 Series, and has been the industry’s gold standard for mobility in inventory and asset management in the most demanding environments – from the warehouse floor to the dock door. The proven rugged design enables workers to deliver reliable performance through tasks such as inventory, asset & process management, despite everyday drops on concrete, sub-zero cold, extreme heat, dust and exposure to splashing liquids.

The new TC8000 mobile computer is the latest in its class (launched in 2016), and was designed from the ground up to increase worker productivity by 14%. Its innovative design minimizes the need to ‘tilt and verify’ enabling workers to more efficiently manage everyday processes such as; warehouse management, truck unload/load, pick/put away, replenishment, packing and shipping.

The new WT6000 (launched in 2016) brings unparalleled comfort to hands-free mobility. It’s smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market and its industrial rugged design delivers maximum uptime in your most demanding environments. By combining the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap to pair capabilities, Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions provide the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity.

PB51 Mobile Printer: Android in Transportation and Logistics

Speedy and rugged, PB series receipt printers are built to thrive in field service, route account and point-of-service applications. Designed to reduce your ownership costs while boosting productivity for mobile workers who need to produce invoices, delivery receipts, service estimates, mobile point-of-sale receipts, sales orders and more.

Honeywell PB21, PB31 and PB51 rugged mobile receipt printers deliver a clear advantage for your workers on the go who need to produce invoices, delivery receipts, service estimates, mobile point-of-sale receipts, inventory management schedules and sales orders. Whether you use them as stand-alone printers or paired with mobile computers, we built these can-do printers to increase your efficiency.

  • An integrated magnetic stripe reader and EMV-compliant smart card reader options, drop-in media loading and adjustable media holders enable your workers to easily change tasks without changing equipment.
  • Uniquely optimized print mechanisms enable rapid invoice printing at 4 ips (101.6 mm/sec).
  • Mil-spec levels of durability and a lightweight design contribute to an overall mobile receipt-printing package that reduces ownership costs and boosts worker productivity.
  • Supports all major 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Choose from secure wired and wireless interfaces for an easy fit into a variety of network infrastructures.
  • Multiple carrying options include a belt clip and shoulder strap or mount the printer to a vehicle or cart.
And as with other Honeywell Smart Printers, the PB series can host standalone applications developed in Honeywell Fingerprint programming language. That equips you to address custom requirements today and in the future – without the need to upgrade hardware.

Flexible Media Options
The PB series is available in three different sizes capable of printing labels from 2 to 4 inches – so you can find the just-right fit.


Built for Rugged Environments
Built to survive real-world mobility demands, with a 1.5 m (5 ft) drop spec to concrete.


Sophisticated sensors and an intuitive LCD display minimize wasted time troubleshooting.


Seamless integration with Honeywell mobile computers and other mobile devices.


Secure Communications
Secure wired or wireless communication options, including Bluetooth®, WLAN, USB, and serial.


Easy to Adapt to Your Needs
Available accessories include a hand strap, shoulder strap, belt clip, protective case, cart mount, vehicle mount, battery pack, four-bay battery charger, and more.

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