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DCT Solutions Group is a software and systems integration company specializing in enterprise mobile applications. Founded in 1998, DCT has a long history of successfully helping our clients manage mobile assets in applications ranging from warehouse and inventory management, field service and delivery mobile sales and closed loop asset management. 

We utilize our own in-house developed Scout Mobility Suite software to develop customized work flow solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries. In addition, our years of experience as business analysts and our expertise in process and software integration allows us to deliver systems that are easy to implement, easy to train and easy to support.


Helping businesses of every size and industry keep pace with an increasingly mobile world. It’s what we have been doing since the start. And when I say start, I mean the very beginning.


My father was a data processing consultant and an entrepreneur, so I guess technology and business are in my DNA. Over the years, I’ve watched the world embrace an ever-evolving stream of technology. When I founded DataCapture Technologies, Inc. in 1998, barcoding was opening up a world of possibilities for owners and operators across a range of industries. Over the last 15 years, we have continuously worked to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies that help drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability for our customers. Today, our portfolio of capabilities include software, hardware and professional services to assist your business in managing inventory, mobile sales force and field service operations, vehicles and valuable assets.

The one thing that does not change is our commitment to our core values and our desire to form truly meaningful partnerships with our customers, suppliers and community. DCT Mobile is determined to provide a forward-thinking, nimble group of dedicated service professionals ready to say yes when our clients ask, “Can you help me?”

We look forward to serving you.

Shane Langston

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