Honeywell 1452g with iPhone

How To Easily Pair a Honeywell 1452g Scanner With An iOS Device

Check out this short video tutorial on how to pair your Voyager 1452g wireless scanner with an iOS device. It’s so easy!

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Is Apple Really Ready for Enterprise?

CEO Tim Cook, Jobs’s successor, has embraced the enterprise market. During  Apple’s F1Q 2014 earnings call, Cook said: “It’s clear that the enterprise area has huge potential, and we’re doing well from a percentage of companies that are using iPhone and iPad. It’s up to unbelievable numbers.” To make his point, he cited the following figures: […]

Is the iPad Suffering from Shrinkage?

iPad sales are shrinking and that is big news in the world of tech pundits. If you want more of the dirty details you can find it here, here or here if you like your news with an Apple-Centric spin. I particularly like the Apple-Centric article because it explains all of the opportunities Apple missed because they were too busy racing with […]

Rotten Apple?

Years ago, Apple revamped and positioned itself as the “trendy” name in the world of mobile communication and computing. It has held a top market spot for years, but that could all be changing very soon for several reasons. One reason why Apple could be on its way down? According to the latest IDC report, […]