Intelliskin® with GDS® Technology: Always Protected. Always Connected.
Posted on: 12/07/2017, by : DCT Mobile Solutions

RAM Mounts' IntelliSkin® is a protective device case that features an integrated power connector compatible with any GDS™ charging dock. This prevents damage to the device charging port and creates a universal docking platform compatible with any device wrapped with an IntelliSkin case.


IntelliSkin® offers ruggedized tablet and smartphone protection.


Snap-in, magnetic and drill-down bases connect instantly to create a customized charging station.


Eliminate the need to plug in cables with high capacity charging.


Universal GDS® connector standardizes your charging so you can use the latest technology.

IntelliSkin® for Phones

Simplifies the frequent docking and undocking of smartphones by integrating a printed circuit board that connects to the charging/data port and pairs with the GDS® docks. Built to provide access to the existing data ports and features that make mobile phones an integral part of our lives.

IntelliSkin® for Tablets

Provides device protection and enables advanced functionality from the shop floor to the top floor. Any device enclosed within an IntelliSkin® case is compatible with GDS Technology. This provides scalability as devices evolve, and enables users to deploy tablets across their entire business or family with one standard for connecting.

GDS® Docks

With GDS® you get more out of your device and more out of life. GDS® Docks are an expansive line of docks for your home, office and vehicle that creates a platform for all of your mobile computing needs. Whether you are looking for a charging or data pass-through connection, insert and remove your IntelliSkin® phone or tablet in one quick easy motion. Vehicle mounts are available both in locking and non-locking functions for tablets.

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