Introducing Zebra’s TC20 Mobile Computer

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You’re running a small business. And that means there’s so much to do — and so little time. The right tool can help you do it all. But what's the right tool for your small business? Until now, you've been forced to pick between a product built for a large company or a consumer.

Should you pick an Enterprise device? The issue: These devices have more features than you need at a higher cost.

Should you pick a consumer device? The challenge: The price tag may be right and they're easy to set up, but consumer devices lack the features, durability, security, and lifecycle you need to run a business.

Now, there’s a new small business tool that gives you everything you need to be more successful —the TC20 mobile computer from Zebra. You get the right looks. All the business features you need to save time and money, increase sales and boost profitability in your business. All at the right price. The result? The ability to take inventory at record speed. The instant information you need to keep the items your customers want to buy on the shelves of your store. The ability to answer any customer question on the spot — no need to walk away and potentially lose a sale. And the power to consistently deliver extraordinary service that will increase loyalty and return visits. The TC20 from Zebra — the small business tool done right.


Why should you buy the TC20? Here are the Top 5 Customer Benefits:


You're always prepared.

The TC20 offers two features that allow you to take inventory painlessly at record speed — two features consumer smart phones simply don’t offer: a real scanner for lightning fast barcode capture and a trigger handle to enable workers to scan for hours, comfortably.


Phone a friend.

Get instant answers to questions without walking away from the customer. The TC20’s pre-loaded and pre-licensed walkie-talkie feature allows you to call another worker or supervisor on their TC20 or other compatible device with the press of a button — right out of the box.


PowerPack it.

With the TC20 PowerPack, you’ll never run out of power again. No need to find a cradle and take the TC20 out of service for charging. If you’re low on power, just snap on the PowerPack to power on through your workday.


Just turn it on.

The TC20 is as intuitive to use as your own cellphone. The only thing you need to know is where the power button is located. Once you turn it on, you’ll know just what to do — zero training required. The large screen is easy to see in any lighting and with no learning curve, the TC20 is ideal for those temporary workers during the holidays.


Have it your way.

Maybe you want an all-touch device. Or maybe you want a keyboard to support apps that require more typing. With the TC20, it’s your choice — keep your keys or go all-touch — and that’s something smartphones just don’t offer.

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