Zebra’s TC25: The Rugged Smartphone for Small Business

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The Business Challenge: 

You need a tool that can help you work smarter and faster. Whether you are in the business of making deliveries, repairing equipment or providing other services, there's so much to do and so little time. And there are so many competitors for your customers to call if you can't get the job done fast enough.

YET...consumer smartphones lack the business features your workers need.

The Solution:

The TC25 Rugged Smartphone.

For small to mid-size businesses that spend their days making deliveries, repairing equipment or providing services, the typical tool of choice is a smartphone. While there are many smartphones on the market, when it comes to work, the TC25 wins. Consumer smartphones are designed for personal use, where the TC25 is all business, offering a rugged design and all the features small businesses need to work faster and smarter — all for less than the cost of many of today’s most popular consumer smartphones. The result? Your customers get more. More time to serve more of their customers every day, more sales, more money and a more productive workforce. The TC25 — the smart rugged smartphone choice for your small business customers.

'Just right' durability.

On the road or on the job site, the TC25 doesn’t need an extra case to boost durability. With its -10 to +50°C temperature rating, IP65 sealing, Gorilla Glass screen and tumble and drop ratings, you get built in resilience. Your workers can use it out in the driving rain, leave it on the dashboard on a hot summer day, drop it on the road — and even carry it in a toolbox without worrying about cracking the screen. Simply put, the TC25 is ready for whatever your workers — and the environment — dish out.

Real Barcode Scanning.

The TC25 is equipped with a fully integrated, dedicated, ambidextrous one-touch scanner created by the world’s leader in barcode scanning — Zebra Technologies. Instead of the aiming and waiting required when scanning with the camera in a consumer smartphone, your workers will accurately capture even damaged, dirty and poorly printed barcodes in a split second.

Use as a walkie-talkie.

With an instant voice connection and secure text messaging, courtesy of Zebra’s PTT Pro, you can reach a specific worker, a specific group of workers or all of your workers at the press of a button — regardless of whether they are carrying TC25s, other Zebra mobile devices or other smartphones. With secure text messaging, you can reach workers, even when a phone call isn’t appropriate. And this low-cost monthly subscription service can be deployed in a day. Just turn it on and you’re up and running.

All day power - always.

When you choose the TC25, your workers get all day power they can count on — something consumer smartphones just can’t deliver. If the battery is running low, snap on a PowerPack for many more hours of power — continuous usage becomes a reality, and downtime due to a dead battery is a thing of the past. And with versatile charging cradles, you can charge multiple TC25s with or without attached PowerPacks, making it easy to ensure devices are fully charged and ready for the next shift.

The right service plan.

With Zebra OneCare™ SV, you get the support you need to keep your TC25s up and running: two years of coverage for normal wear and tear and device failure, unmatched technical support, a Device Diagnostics Tool for onsite troubleshooting, priority repair turnaround time, free return shipping and more — all for a fraction of the cost of a single, uncovered repair. And with ‘LifeGuard for Android’ you can count on security updates throughout the entire lifecycle of your TC25.

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