Zebra Technologies: Android in Manufacturing
Posted on: 11/21/2017, by : DCT Mobile Solutions

Manufacturers are the unsung heroes of invention and innovation. Their ingenuity builds stronger economies in their organizations, their communities and around the world. We're helping manufacturers succeed with technology solutions that connect them to the real-time enterprise asset intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely -- all so they can keep doing what will always stand them apart...Building Efficiency. Growing Economies.

The Challenge:


Every detail counts, from the moment a component arrives at a goods-in bay, to the moment a finished item is shipped. Mobile technologies are rapidly moving into every area of manufacturing, but it is in traceability, quality assurance and process compliance that mobile computers are making the most immediate impact.

Industry 4.0 is adding momentum, with machine-to-machine communication and increasing automation, driven by digital technologies. In this scenario, accurate data capture and real-time collaboration between teams become critical concerns.

With global competition and perpetual economic volatility, margins are under continuous pressure. Customers expect outstanding just-in-time service, while demanding rock-bottom prices. Every second of downtime saved, and every small efficiency gain, can quickly add up to significant competitive advantage.

The Solution:


Zebra for Android bridges the gap between people and machines in the era of automation. The global dominance of Android (the world’s most popular mobile operating system) means there is a shorter learning curve for users, because so many people are now familiar with the intuitive touch screen interface. It also means that users will be more willing and able to make full use of the apps and communication capabilities now available to them.

For example, the MC9200 mobile computer combines industrial-grade strength and resilience with the versatility and ease-of-use of Android. It’s tested to more than 2,000 tumbles, and has a scratch and shatter-proof scanner window, as well as a shock-resistant housing and added corner protection. Zebra for Android moves the familiar, consumer-style Android interface firmly into the demanding world of work.

Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) add an extra layer of security and control to Android, helping to ensure the security and integrity of data. And with the Zebra Mobility DNA software ecosystem, Zebra for Android devices can easily be integrated into your existing systems.


The World’s Most Complete Android Range for Manufacturing:

TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer - This innovative design helps workers carry out everyday tasks more efficiently, such as inventory management, supply line replenishment, maintenance/repair operations and compliance verification.

MC67 Mobile Computer - This powerhouse of a device lets workers access backend system information, scan practically any bar code, easily capture documents, use video and photos for real-time support, and make phone calls.

ET50/ET55 Tablet Computers - Consumer style meets workplace ruggedness with this reliable tablet designed to resist drops, spills, water, snow and dust for the most demanding manufacturing environments.

MC9200 Mobile Computer - Gold standard mobility for demanding warehouse environments, combining the latest Wi-Fi technology with a proven rugged design that withstands drops, extreme temperature changes, dust and splashes.

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